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AI Consulting

Olsest Data Science

Combining deep technical expertise with a creative mindset to transform your data into business value.
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Curious about how your business can leverage AI & data?

Our mission is to help Nordic companies reap the massive benefits of AI technology.

How will your industry and competition change as AI and data continue to reshape more areas of society? By combining analytical and technical skills with business creativity, we can support you throughout your entire AI journey.




AI-driven forecasting to estimate demand for salad

Violet assisted Picadeli in developing and implementing AI-driven forecasting. The AI solution considers recurring patterns in weekly variations, weather impact, and holidays to estimate the demand for salad.



Streamlined Job Matching Through AI-powered Solution

In collaboration with Lernia, Violet has developed an AI-powered matching engine, Leja. Leja matches job seekers' CVs with job advertisements using AI technology (NLP).


01. AI Consulting

Your partner on the AI journey

As your expert partner, we support you in every step of your AI journey, from providing inspiration and strategic advice to building machine learning models and putting them into production in your ecosystem. We also develop backend systems that interact with the models and interfaces.


02. Data Science

Unlock the potential in your data

Modern organizations are drowning in their data while striving to take the next step toward data-driven decision-making. We help you build and maintain systems that collect, store, and process data in a scalable way. We also help you analyze and transform your data into business-critical insights.


03. Model Ops

Models in production

We help you develop and maintain your models and your business logic. Based on the latest technology and tools, we support you in optimizing your models to ensure they continue performing over time.


04. Intelligent Automation

Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks

To remain competitive, automation is required for your organization. We assist you in identifying repetitive processes that can be automated using AI and RPA to make time for more value-adding tasks.


05. Data Management

Full control of your business data

The cornerstone of informed decision-making lies in the data quality. Often your AI initiatives will be better and more sustainable on your own data as well. Today, data is often in various places and in large quantities. It is therefore important to collect, manage, and quality-assure all data in one and the same place. We can assist you with this so you get full control of your internal and external business data.


06. Business Intelligence

Meaningful and actionable data

Encompasses a range of processes and tools that transform data into structured, presentable and meaningful information so that individuals, companies, and organizations can take action from informed decisions.


07. Advanced Analytics

Get the most out of your data

We specialize and have extensive experience in helping companies get the most out of their data – both in the cloud and on-prem. By using statistical methods, machine learning, and advanced algorithms to find patterns in data that are otherwise hard to find.


At the forefront of the future

AI is a key driver for changing the way we will work in the future. Technology has the power to improve and streamline every part of a business, from document management to recruitment.
“The Fourth Industrial Revolution” brings great opportunities in the big and small — let us help you create value with artificial intelligence.

50+ successful AI projects

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Any of these customers?
Photo by Niklas

Niklas Horn

CEO, OptoSweden

“It has been a fantastic journey, the results have exceeded our expectations."

Bilder av Ulrika

Jonatan Schwamberg

CEO, Veloe

"Violet has delivered cutting-edge technology as well as highly strategic insights."

Bilder av Jonas


CTO, Picadeli

“Partnering up with the team from Violet has been lots of fun as well as educational."

Bilder av Mattias
Head of Business Development

Your partner on the AI journey

"It's incredibly inspirational to meet clients from different industries and time and time again witness how their industry knowledge in combination with our AI expertise leads to transformative ideas that can be turned into practical solutions. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you!"

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