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The rapid advances in AI are a key driver for changing the way we work in the future. It affects both the business world and society at large — from the automation of document management and the strengthening of recruitment, to the development of self-driving cars and advanced robotics. Violet wants to make AI technology an obvious feature of Nordic companies. Something that will radically increase the global competitiveness of all of us.

The right team to reap the benefits of AI


Our mission at Violet is to help Nordic companies reap the massive benefits of AI technology. We are convinced that AI will impact society at least to the same extent as the internet. To enhance the development of AI, we provide our clients with key expertise to accelerate their digital transformation and increase their competitiveness through AI technology. Given the results of our projects, we are convinced that we are on the right track.

Péter Nagy
CEO & Founder


An important part of our mission is to find the expertise needed to solve complex tasks. At Violet, we are constantly handling multiple projects and making sure that we maintain a high level of quality throughout.

We firmly believe that AI will have a huge impact on society, and we're proud to have a talented team that helps turn big ideas into reality.

“Violet is one of the very few consultancies where I get to focus on what I am passionate about – machine learning. Together with my colleagues, I get to help our clients solve real-world challenges using cutting-edge technology.”

Anna Rydin
Machine Learning Engineer

“At our office, there is just as much energy as in the busy main street below. With an open mind and a common interest in the latest AI technologies and breakthroughs, we solve our clients' business-critical challenges as a team. At Violet, you get the support you need to develop, and succeed. You truly have the opportunity to make a big impact from day one”.

Johannes Koch
Data Scientist & Partner

Positive forces ready to be put into play

AI's advanced capabilities are already changing the way we work and seeping into every part of society. The strength of the technology is that it can be used to make more and more complex decisions at a rapid pace, breaking the norms of innovation and business optimization.
When used properly, AI can lift a business, empower people, free up resources and unleash creativity. Violet sees herself as a steward of these positive forces.

Some of our experts

Emil Fleron Profilepicture
Data Scientist & Partner
Anna Rydin profile picture
Machine Learning Engineer
Mikael Lindstedt profile picture
Machine Learning Engineer & Partner

Open up to endless possibilities


The steam engine. The electricity. It's the internet. And now AI — what is known by many as “the fourth industrial revolution.” We are once again facing great changes, and this time the possibilities are endless.

Artificial intelligence is by definition autonomous and works on complex tasks without human supervision. The technology is adaptive, learns from experience and improves performance over time. Above all, AI can save the most valuable resource of them all — time. All of this allows people to create more, innovate and .Violet understands AI and can support businesses on this journey of improvement and value creation.

Is a partner on the AI journey

Mattias profile picture
Sales guy - Violet

A partnership between companies with AI expertise and those looking to innovate is a powerful combination. Developing business value with AI is an iterative, ongoing process, and the most important step is to start with the right expertise for support. Violet identifies the most essential AI tools for your business and helps implement AI-powered solutions for business automation.

About the company

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About Violet

Violet AI was founded in 2018 as one of the first pure-play AI agencies in the Nordics. Today, Violet consists of a fast-growing consulting and advisory team and four subsidiaries with a total of 50 employees. We specialize in Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, Intelligent Automation, System Development, and AI Strategy.