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Streamlined Job Matching Through AI-powered Solution


In collaboration with Lernia, Violet has developed an AI-powered matching engine, Leja. Leja matches job seekers' CVs with job advertisements using AI technology (NLP).



Lernia's objective is to assist 15,000 individuals in finding employment each year.

Lernia is one of the suppliers of "Rusta och matcha", an initiative from the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) supporting unemployed in finding a job or an education.


As unemployed, Lernia provides you with a mentor. In addition to assisting job seekers with their CVs and coaching, mentors also invest significant time in searching for and matching unemployed people with jobs from various job sites - a manual and time-consuming process.


The matching engine developed by Violet for Lernia scans the job seeker's CV and extracts relevant information such as skills and experience. Every day, it retrieves all job advertisements from Platsbanken (the Swedish Public Employment Service's job site, with approximately 80,000 job ads) and extracts structured information from them. The CV information is then matched with the job ads, and job seekers receive suggestions for relevant jobs that are sorted and scored based on how well they match the job seeker's profile.

The matching engine is based on a language model trained on job advertisements, making it proficient in understanding job-related text. The matching engine, called Leja, has been implemented at Lernia and is currently used by job seekers and mentors.

How AI creates business value

While the AI solution ensures efficient, skill-based, and experience-based matching, the mentors gain more time for value-added tasks such as coaching job seekers. The matching engine contributes to efficient, competitive operations with satisfied users (mentors and job seekers) and a happy client (the Swedish Public Employment Service).

Business value

"Our AI-powered matching engine, developed with Violet, enhances our matching process and enables our mentors to dedicate more time to personal interaction - vital elements in assisting more individuals to employment."

- Viveca Onn, Head of Digitalization, Lernia


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