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Big and small - We have boosted AI initiatives of all sorts

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Jonathan Schwamberg

CEO, Velove

"Violet has not only provided cutting-edge technology in terms of development. The team has also demonstrated the ability to manage the strategic aspects of the product with high quality."

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Jonas Landström

CTO, Picadeli

"As pioneers in the salad bar and healthy food industry, delivery precision and customer satisfaction are crucial. That's why we partnered with Violet, utilizing the latest AI solutions to create precise demand planning. Partnering up with the team from Violet has been lots of fun as well as educational."

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Niklas Horn Lundberg

CEO, OptoSweden.

"As our partner, Violet has demonstrated expertise in both machine learning and the development of the essential infrastructure needed to deliver the best possible solutions. The journey has been fantastic, and the results have exceeded our expectations."

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