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Violet AI

Our AI consultants are experts in data analysis, modelling and ML development. Let's team up and make your business
even more intelligent in 2023.

Violet in brief

Pioneering the AI consulting space

Since our inception seven years ago we have have helped our clients understand and evaluate AI technology, as well as created and implemented numerous AI solutions - with proven ROI.

Our Clients, violet clients, how we create values
"Violet is on a mission to bring recent advances in Data Science and Machine Learning to your business operations. AI technology will transform how we work in the future, touching every part of your organization."

We believe and invest
in the work we create together with our clients

Sometimes we solve problems with our clients that turn out to be generic and shared by a great deal of businesses across the world.

If the solution have a strong AI component and can also be delivered as a SaaS service we get really excited. A handful of these cases are considered strong enough to stand on their own feet and are then spun out as new venture and launched into the market.

What better way is there to show the market that we build solutions we believe in?

Zimply provides digital assistants to help you get rid of monotonous and repetitive tasks using Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation.

Zimply solves a clear problem: each process that is not well optimized can cost a company millions per year. This money and talent could be allocated to more critical game-changing work.

zimply portfolio image

Recruiters spend almost 50% of their time screening and sourcing candidates. Layke enables operational efficiency by automating that process.

Layke redefines the process of candidate screening and matching in a data-driven environment. By using the latest technology in AI and machine learning, Layke learns how to automatically match candidates to jobs.

zimply portfolio image

Sand offers a platform that enables you to interpret energy invoices automatically to reduce manual input.

The platform is capable of finding entities on dense text documents. The interpreter makes it easy to find persons of interest, important paragraphs, or important dates with lightning speed.

zimply portfolio image

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