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Put AI on the management team's agenda

AI is crucial for management - here's how to get started

AI is a crucial factor for a competitive business, at least if we are to believe the number of articles written in the media. Data-driven decision-making, automated customer support, smarter forecasting - many decision-makers are drowning in the possibilities that emerges from AI. Mattias Guilotte, Head of Business Development and Partner at Violet AI, help you get started.

"As a decision maker, understanding where AI solutions create value is a prerequisite for success. The right AI solution in the right place can create more efficient work and better support for decision-making, and even new business opportunities," Mattias says.

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How can the management team get started with AI?

For management teams and organizations, the level of knowledge about AI can be a barrier to entry. However, as the technology receives a lot of media attention, an increasing number of people are becoming interested.

If your management team has identified an area where AI has great potential, you may be wondering how to start your AI journey.

"At Violet, we often support management teams with research, inspiration, and advice on AI to help them move forward, and these are some of our most common recommendations," Mattias says.

1. Educate yourselves about the possibilities and limitations of AI

Start by identifying the business problems you want to solve and the goals you want to achieve with the technology. If you're not familiar with the business value that AI can create, you need to read up on what's already being done in your industry or draw inspiration from other industries. Follow leaders in the field and consider how others' AI investments may affect you.

2. Take a step back and analyze the business together

Schedule a workshop for the management team to identify which parts of the business have manual processes that can be automated. Discuss how your services or products could be improved if you had the world's smartest AI. Make sure to have an open mind and let the ideas flow freely.

Use Violet's guide: Challenge your management team with the right questions about AI.

3. Deep dive into data with the help of AI tools

Let the management team invite employees with the best knowledge of the company's data and use AI tools to find patterns and trends in the data. Discuss what data is available, what is missing, and how an AI driven data analysis can provide the company with new exciting insights.

4. Assemble the right team

Implementing an AI solution requires a team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, project managers, and others. If you lack the necessary expertise, you need to involve an expert partner since the field is moving incredibly fast.

5. Start small and iterate

It can be helpful to start small and iterate as you go. Choose a specific case and develop a prototype. This will help you test whether the models perform as intended before scaling up. There are also a plethora of ready-made AI products for everything from document processing to fraud detection that you can integrate instead of developing your own solutions.

"The key to implementing successful AI solutions is to identify the areas where AI can have the greatest impact and implement the technology in line with the overall goals and strategy of the business," Mattias concludes.

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