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Press Release

Linn Tagesson Joins Violet as AI Business Executive

After 17 years in e-commerce, Babyshop Group co-founder Linn Tagesson shifts her focus to the AI industry, joining Violet to steer companies into an era of transformation. "Those who dare to invest today are the winners of tomorrow.", Linn says.

Linn Tagesson

In 2006, Linn Tagesson co-founded Babyshop with her partner Marcus Tagesson. Over 15 years, they grew the company into a conglomerate with $1.2 billion in revenue and a presence in over 120 markets. Now, she joins AI firm Violet with a clear mission – to guide the company's clients through the complexities of AI.

"Based on my own journey, I've learned how crucial it is to be bold and ready for economic changes. In my view, Swedish firms have tended to play it safe, but I'm eager to guide them effectively and inspire courage. What really attracted me to Violet was their cutting-edge position in AI," Linn Tagesson shares.

Since leaving Babyshop in 2021, Linn Tagesson has helped Swedish companies establish themselves in the USA through Business Sweden, where she also served on the board. Additionally, she has been involved in the board of the French e-commerce company Melijoe and the industry association Svensk Digital Handel.

Linn brings extensive experience from a rapidly evolving industry where Babyshop was among the first Swedish companies to implement features and services now standard in e-commerce, such as automated warehousing, minimal air in packaging, and personalized product recommendations. Just as e-commerce today looks vastly different from when Babyshop was founded, the business world as a whole is approaching a period where traditional methods and truths will be overturned.

"I may not be the first to point this out, but every company will feel the impact of the AI revolution. We've all seen the capabilities of generative AI, but what excites me most is what's happening deeper into the core of businesses. Companies at the forefront are going to see insane productivity boosts in the next few years, driven by artificial intelligence. Efficiency improvements, staffing plans, getting rid of soul-crushing tasks – you name it."

One of the first areas Linn will tackle at Violet is forecasting.

"There's an incredible amount happening in this field. For instance, Violet has helped Picadeli predict the demand for salad using AI, leading to both reduced environmental impact and increased profitability. Another favorite example of mine is Violet's work with Velove, where technical solutions have enabled Velove's bike couriers to deliver more packages while cycling fewer miles."

Violet's CEO Péter Nagy looks forward to working with someone like Linn, who brings a wealth of experience in managing transformation journeys on both national and international levels.

"What Linn and her colleagues achieved with Babyshop is incredibly impressive. With her onboard, we will take Violet to the next level," says Péter Nagy, CEO and founder of Violet.

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