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Automate and streamline your processes

More efficient operations, increased profitability and freed up resources. We help you with intelligent automation for future-proof growth.

Automation is the future – we want to guide you 

In today's technological development, with AI at the forefront, opportunities are created to automate monotonous processes, freeing up valuable time and expertise. We are convinced that AI will be a crucial part for the successful companies of the future.

With a solid knowledge in automation and AI, combined with the strategic approach and extensive experience, we will focus on business value and long-term goals. We offer comprehensive solutions within automation, tailored or standardized – all according to your needs.

Understanding your customer,  People insight

The technology behind the solution

Intelligent automation is a combination of technical solutions to automate processes that are more or less complex. It is often based on RPA, robotic process automation, which means programming a robot to perform various tasks.

Many, but not all, processes involve the understanding of documents. This is called Intelligent Document Processing. We have developed our own industry-leading AI solution for extracting data from complex documents. Together, these technologies make the automation smarter and more adapted to your needs.

What can we help you with?
Order matching, invoice management and similar processes can be simplified and automated.
Accounting, KYC and AML are some processes that can be facilitated with intelligent automation.
Human Resources
Make payroll administration, onboarding processes and recruitment easier.
Administrative tasks can be reduced, for example appointment scheduling and manual data entry.

We are experts – talk to us!

With artificial intelligence, we see another fantastic opportunity to reduce the amount of monotonous work, instead let us humans work more with stimulating and rewarding tasks.

We help you focus on increased business value and fast ROI. We want to be part of the journey as your long-term automation partner, identifying profitable processes and future-proofing your growth!

Patrik Nyström, CEO

Understanding your customer,  People insight
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