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Our Services

Violet supports you with the AI expertise you need to stay ahead.

The right team to leverage AI technology

Solid tech skills, a creative mindset and a hands-on approach

Violet's team hosts deep technical and analytical skills, together with business creativity, to ensure we can understand and properly address your specific needs.

We invest heavily in learning the latest within AI technology, but also to understand the most effective best practises around.

Sometimes you will need cutting edge deep learning models, but often "proven" and "efficient" solutions are the recommended path forward.

Understanding your customer,  People insight
Supporting you from AI to Zingularity

From data analysis and strategy to prototyping, implementation and ML ops

From our seven years of experience from more than fifty successful AI projects with all types of clients, we have built the expertise you need to help you at your most strategic level - from Data Exploration and DataDesign to AI Architecture and long-term AI Strategy.

But are we just all talk and slides? Do not worry.

We have extensive "hands-on screw-driver in the GPU rack"-experience from taking models into production and optimizing them into pure perfection, in sweet harmony with our clients' ERP systems.

Among many other things we have implemented machine learning models for text-, document-, social network- and transactional-analysis. (And street food menu-analysis.)

Where are you on your AI journey?
Question box
We are curious and thrilled but just started and really can't tell AI from ML. Some advice would be nice.
We have AI on the agenda and have some ideas to try out, but need analysis, advice and a roadmap.
We have a project in mind and the necessary data but need help selecting the solution and to implement it.
We have AI/ML resources at research level but need to take the next step to production and ML ops.
AI is a vital part of our strategy and a number of AI related projects have been conducted successfully. Violet can help us keep up the pace and challenge us in selected projects.
A simple process to get you started

Our process: Rapid, effective and tangible.

Wide Workshop
1. Inspiration & Insights
Our experts have broad experience from many industries and can inspire your team and brief you on the latest trends
Deep Dive
2. Wide Workshop
In a half-day session we take a broad look at your business and market and map out the landscape together from an AI perspective
Prototype concepts
3. Deep Dive
We take the results from a wide workshop, prioritize your options and start creating a roadmap that focus on the most important areas.
Impact Implementation
4. Prototype Products
We scope a prototype, KPI:s, a desired outcome and then build a first version. We evaluate the result and decide on a go / no for further investment.
Wide Workshop
5. Impact Implementation
We build solutions that integrate completely into your systems and work closely and transparently with your staff to ensure knowledge sharing
Integration & Automation
6. Integration & Automation
Once we have a working product live we start exploring ways to enhance the result and automate the process in itself.
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