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Our 50+ successful AI projects show the essence of Violet.


Read what our happy clients say before you join their midst.

Oscar Lidbeck

Oscar Lidbeck

Partner Manager - Svea Bank

“I have worked with Violet on various machine learning projects. To work with them has been great, they come with both the creative mindset as well as the implementation part. I can warmly recommend them to any team that needs muscles on the machine learning side.”

Vasyl Garazd

CIO - CreditExpress

“I believe that machine learning and scanning documents with machine learning using entity recognition is a very good thing for our company now and in the future. Working together with Péter Nagy and his Violet team works very good and the openess that they have working with our team with knowledge transfer has been a great start for our machine learning competence to scale, with high knowledge base and proven results from various projects I can recommend the team to everyone who wants to start their AI-journey.”

Vasyl Garazd
Niklas Horn Lundberg

Niklas Horn Lundberg

CEO - Opto Sweden

“When creating our AI-interpreter we wanted to choose a team that understands the field very well and also have the abilities to really set up goals, beat them and overdeliver to any price. Violet has really proven that they both handle the machine learning part as well as the building of the infrastructure needed to have the best solution out there. It has been a great journey and results are over what we could imagine. With these guys in your team you will have bang for the buck top deliverance.”

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